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Christopher Piper Wines’ fundamental belief is to select wines that resonate quality. Essentially, we want every end-user to like our wines so much, that they have to order a second glass or bottle.


We dislike wishy-washy, bland wines that lack attitude and character. Flavour comes as a result of careful wine making but above all, sensibly controlled yields in the vineyards. Large-scale, industrial production guarantees blandness, high profits and low prices.

Value and Individuality

Our desire to supply wines with great flavour, character and individuality doesn’t have to come at a high price. The skill of our buyers is to hunt out the lesser-known producer or region, to avoid ‘soft brands’ and work closely with each our producers around the world, giving them as much support and advise as possible.

Shipping Direct From Around The Wine World

Because of the size of our business, we are able to ship a large proportion of our wines directly in to our warehouses. By cutting out the UK middleman, we are able to keep our prices very competitive, which is further helped by the fact that we don’t use Bonded warehousing, further helping to keep our costs down.

An Extremely Extensive Range

With over 1500 wines available from across the wine-producing world, Christopher Piper Wines has one of the widest ranges of wines on offer in the UK. We are real stockholders, not relying on other importers to have wines available (or not!).

Research, Exploration and Stringent Selection

It is well-known throughout the world of wine, that it is very difficult for a wine to make it on to our wine list.

Due to an extensive network of friends, winemakers and academics throughout the wine world, Christopher Piper Wines is in a position to hear about new, young, rising wine makers and growers, long before they hit the news. Using this ‘trade intelligence’, we research and explore, in great depth, the wine growing regions, tasting at an enormous number of cellars, finally bringing back samples of ‘finalists’ wines to Ottery St. Mary. At this stage, we conduct a series of blind tastings to uncover the best quality and value wines.

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