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Christopher Piper Wines’ fundamental belief in quality is reflected as much in our selection of fine spirits as it is in our wines.

Artisan craftsmen

With very few exceptions, our range of spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs are sourced from distillers and producers who produce on a small scale, intent on making exceptional, high quality products. These are a million miles from the industrially produced brands that pervade today’s bars and pubs.

Value for money

Just because these gems are produced in non-industrial quantities doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. Indeed, many of them are less expensive than the big brands which, when you consider it, is somewhat logical as you are not paying for expensive international advertising campaigns.

West Country Spirits, Aperitifs, Liqueurs, Beer & Cider

Over the past few years, Christopher Piper Wines has been developing its West Country range of liqueurs, not just because of their regionality but also because of their remarkable quality.

A brief overview of the range

Below is a short list of some of our principal spirits, aperitifs and liqueurs

  • Glenfarclas (Speyside),
  • Benromach (Speyside),
  • Macphail’s,
  • Clynelish (Highland),
  • Caol Isla (Islay),
  • O’Caithan Irish Single Malt Whiskey,
  • Nikka (Japan)
  • Richter's, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Le Mauny, Martinique,
  • Bristol Classic Rums,
  • New Dawn Traders, Dominican Republic,
  • Smith & Cross, Jamaica,
  • Rom Diplomatico, Venezuela,
  • Tarquin’s (Cornwall),
  • William Chase (Herefordshire),
  • Six O’Clock (Bristol),
  • Fifty Pounds (London),
  • Conker Gin (Dorset),
  • Stafford's Gin (Cornwall),
  • Blackdown Gin (Sussex),
  • Rutte Gin, Dordrecht (Holland),
  • Farmer's Organic Gin, New York (USA)
  • Aval Dor (Cornwall),
  • William Chase (Herefordshire),
  • Black Cow (Dorset),
  • Konik's Tail Polish Vodka
  • Château Montifaud,
  • Hine,
  • Cognac Lheraud
  • Paul Loubère,
  • Domaine de Cassagnoles (Tenarèze),
  • Baron Gaston Legrand
  • Michel Hubert (Calvados),
  • Christian Drouin (Calvados),
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Co.
  • Umeshu Bodaimoto, Tsuji Honten (Japan)
  • La Tequilena (Jalisco) Mexico,
  • La Alteña (Jalisco) Mexico,
  • Destileria Tlacolula (Oaxaca) Mexico
  • Château Montifaud (Pineau de Charentes),
  • Blackdown Bianco Vermouth (Sussex),
  • Somerset Cider Brandy Co. (Kingston Black),
  • Tarquin’s Cornish Pastis
  • Casa Francoli (Amaretto and Sambuca),
  • Il Gusto della Costa d’Amalfi, Salerno (Limoncello)
  • Henri Fuchs (Alsace),
  • Domaines Brunier (Châteauneuf-du-Pape),
  • Distilleria Marzadro (Trentino)
  • Jean-Baptise Joannet (Burgundy),
  • Kingston Black (Somerset Cider Brandy),
  • William Chase (Herefordshire)
  • Otter Brewery (Luppitt, Devon)
  • Burrow Hill Cider,
  • Kingsbury Episcopi (Somerset)

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